How To Get Rid Of Dark Lips – How To Make Lips Naturally Pink

How To Get Rid Of Dark Lips – How To Make Lips Naturally Pink?

Our lips are very sensitive and they need extra care. Chapped, dry, pigmented lips speak about your health. Your lips deserve some additional care and attention to keep them hydrous and restore their natural softness and smoothness.

Today we are going to discover how to get rid of dark lips and how to make lips naturally pink. Most women complain about having dark lips so we have created easy home remedies for naturally pink and soft lips.

How to get natural pink lips?

People who have dark complexion are those who have dark lips. Having dark lips is genetic or hereditary, or generally, it gets darker because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Not solely girls, however, men also are fretful about coloured lips.

Reason Why Do Individuals Have Dark Lips?

There are many reasons why an individual has darker lips. As mentioned before that it is a dark complexion that’s responsible, however, there are several alternative reasons that you’re losing the natural pink colour of your lips.

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Your Lifestyle Is An Important Factor

Except for the genetic or hereditary problem many of us suffer from, lifestyle is the foremost important villain here. Hectic lifestyle particularly exposure to direct daylight will build your lips darker.

Correct Your Food Habits

A lot of consumption of caffeine, food, and drinks that contain a high level of fluoride and conjointly smoking and consuming tobacco are the explanations behind not having luscious lips naturally.

Health Issue Is Another Reason

If somebody has a health problem, it shows on his / her lips. Lips begin losing natural colour and also get dried. If the blood circulation is hampered by any health issue or for any medication, then even the lips will get darker.


Daylight exposure can be a reason of your dark lips. A damp temperature is also a reason for this as well. , if the body isn’t accustomed to in dark winter then even the lips will lose its natural colour.

How To Get Eliminate Dark Lips?

These days makers and suppliers from across the world are manufacturing many skin care products that may assist you to heal such issues. However, these products will hurt your skin in a different way. These merchandises contain chemicals and preservative parts that can harm your skin and these products are extremely pricey as well.

Remove Lipstick Before Sleep

Sleeping with your lipstick on can drain away the colour from your lips. Take a cotton ball and softly rub some oil on your lips before you hit the sack.

You can use some home remedies to get rid of dark lips and may have naturally pink lips. Following are some tips that can be useful for any skin.

How to get rid of dark lips?

Use Home Made Lip Packs

These remedies are very useful for dark and dry lips and don’t take a lot of time.

These remedies will work excellently and exfoliate the dead skin cells from the lips. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles when you want to apply the paste on your lips.

Sugar-Lemon Scrub For Lips

Mix coconut oil with one teaspoon of lemon juice and sugar to form a paste. Take paste and massage on your lips on a daily basis.

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Cocoa Butter Scrub For Lips

For making this lip scrub take cocoa butter, chocolate chips and vitamin E capsule. You need to melt the chocolate chips and butter then add vitamin E. Then you’ll be able to apply it on your lips to get back the natural pink colour.

Sugar-Butter Scrub For Natural Pink Lips

Butter helps the skin to shine and help to obtain back the natural colour. For sugar and butter scrub combine sugar with butter to form a thick paste. Apply daily on your lips to get rid of the dead skin cells.

Honey-Aloe Vera-Raspberry Scrub

Honey and Aloe Vera is another natural lip scrub. Add Raspberry juice with aloe Vera gel and add one spoon of honey to form a paste. Apply it with a toothbrush or using your fingers.

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Turmeric-Milk Mix Scrub For Pink Lips

For this scrub take one spoon of turmeric powder and blend it with milk. Make a paste and apply on your lips.

Sugar-Olive Oil Lip Scrub

Take a bowl and pour 2 teaspoons of olive oil, add sugar. Make a thick paste and massage on your lips. You can easily store it in any cool and dry place.

How to get rid of dark lips?

Milk-Rose Petals Scrub For Lips

This lip scrub is the most effective scrubs because it helps the lips to shine as well. For this scrub take 6-7 Rose petals, add 2 spoons of milk and prepare a thick paste. Apply this lip scrub on your lips for about 30 40 minutes on daily basis and afterwards, rinse it off with water.

Natural Herbs And Fruits Are Awesome For Making Lips Natural Pink

Berries Are Great Fruits For Making Your Lips Pink

Raspberry and Strawberry are the 2 essential fruits in healing dark lips. These are used as juices or masks. Simply smash the strawberry and gently apply the smashed fruit on your lips. Let it dry so that mouth absorbs the moisturizer and then wash off with water.

Lip Balms For Pink Lips

Lip balms are very helpful in having natural pink lips. Don’t leave your lips dry, apply any balm often to get moisturized.

Natural Coriander Lip Balm

For the coriander lip, balm, take 2-3 coriander leaves nicely chopped. Add some water and apply on to your lips. Leave it for about 40 minutes and after that rinse it off with water.

Beetroot Lip Balm

This lip balm can help to lighten the dark colour of your lips. Applying beetroot juice or ointment can heal the darkness of your lips quickly than alternative scrubs. Add some petroleum jelly with beetroot juice to form the lotion. You can store this balm in a container in a cool and dry place for future use.

How to make lips naturally pink?

Strawberry Natural Lip Balm

For this balm add 2 teaspoons of crushed strawberry with one spoon of petroleum jelly. Store this balm in a container. You can apply this balm twice or more on a daily basis.

Juices For Natural Pink Lips
Natural liquids are excellent for obtaining back natural pink lips. Citrus fruits for example lemon are great for making your lips pink. You just need to do massage for 2 to 3 minutes.

Pomegranate Juice For Great Result

Pomegranate contains high nutrition components. Juice isn’t solely healthy for your system however also helps to moisturize lips and increase the blood circulation. Crush the pomegranate seeds in a grinder, get rid of the pulp and apply the juice on your lips with cotton.

Honey-Lemon Juice For Natural Lips

Just add honey and lemon juice and make it a semi-liquid fluid and apply on lips. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush for applying on your lips.

Glycerine-Lemon Juice For Excellent Result

Take glycerin with lemon juice and mix together and apply this on your lips and leave it for night long. Next morning rinse it off with water. Repeat this treatment every week.

Plain Lemon Juice For Lips

Plain fruit juice can work well here. Lemon has acid that helps to get rid of the skin tan. Overexposure to the sun can make your lips darker. Then applying lemon juice is good. Implementing with a cotton ball and take away it with cold water.

Cucumber Juice Is Really Good For Lips

Cucumber is the best juice for taking away dark spots. Cucumber Juice works well in eliminating dark circles and dark lip colours. It also helps to get obviate skin tan. Apply twice on a daily basis to get natural pink lips.


While your lips will darken due to everything from low blood circulation and stress to excessive smoking, and also the effects aren’t irreversible. Bear in mind that because of not appropriate and consistent lip care, your lips won’t keep pink. So for your lips natural pink colour:

  • Moisturize your lips and apply lip balm
  • Remove makeup before bed
  • Don’t Smoke
  • Avoid caffeine products
  • Don’t bite and tear your lips
  • Try to eat healthy, non-fluoride foods and get hydrated.

Thanks for reading. Do you have any remedies for dark lips, please share with us in the comment section below.

How to get rid of dark lips?



  1. Hi and thanks for these tips. My wife, a Thai woman is concerned with too dark lips and will definitely also read this post.

    I like your easy recipe of a home made lip pack. Lemon juice we don’t have here but coconut oil and brown sugar. Do you think lime juice will do as well?

    The olive oil pack also appeals to me, due to that I love all made with olives 🙂

  2. Our lips are terribly sensitive and that they would like further care. Chapped, dry, pigmented lips discuss your health. Our lips needs some further care and a spotlight to stay them hydrous  and restore their natural softness and smoothness.

    In this article, we can discover a way to get eliminate dark lips and the way to form lips naturally pink. Most girls complain concerning having dark lips. Thanks for this awesome information to take care of natural lips.

  3. These home remedies are interesting.  Never thought to revitalise the colour of my lips.  

    Some of these pastes have tasty ingredients (e.g. dabs of chocolate, honey and sugar!).  

    I was particularly intrigued by the tumeric and milk mixture.  Will it suffice if I eat certain types of food more regularly? e.g. curries?

    When you say to smash the berries and apply to my lips for 20-30 minutes and then rinse them off, I’m more likely to lick them off!  I think I need to adjust the recipe of your pastes to not be so delicious so that I do not then lick them off 🙂

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